Admin and Dealer Statistics

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Admin and Dealer Statistics

A Classified Websites Custom Magazine website allows you to see how customers are viewing your website via their click-throughs, which cars they are viewing, which advertising banners they are choosing to look at, and how many customers’ email details of cars to their friends or request info for themselves. The statistics make it easy for dealers to see ROI from your website.

Admin Dealer Statistics - Real time statistics for reviewing the individual dealers' statistics for the many calls to action on your website, both PC and Mobile. Statistics show for the number of times a dealers' inventory was displayed, e-mails were sent to the dealer, click through to the dealers' website and much more are displayed for the current month and the 2 months prior.

Admin Vehicle Listing Statistics - A cumulative report of your websites' dealerships listings with a summary of the makes, models and years reviewed for the past 30 days and as of yesterday. See how many total vehicle listings were viewed and how many total vehicles were clicked on.

Dealer Statistics - Real time statistics for your dealers of the traffic from the many calls to action on your website for that individual dealer. Show your dealers the amount of exposure on your website on specific inventory listings over the last thirty days and a monthly overall performance summary for the current month and up to two months prior.

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